Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. is committed to maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance, protecting the environment, and reducing our environmental footprint.

In order to become a leader in the silicone industry we serve, we will show respect and integrity towards environmental concerns and conduct activities in a responsible manner to protect the environment by focusing on and minimizing impacts and risks to the environment from our operations.

Silicone chemistry is pinnacle to worldwide transitions toward net neutrality, decarbonization goals and environmentally conscious (green) building. Studies have found that silicones contribute to lower carbon emissions by:

  1. Contributing to increased energy efficiency
  2. Reducing primary energy demand
  3. Avoiding the need for fossil and non-renewable energy sources
Energy Efficiency
  • High energy efficiency contribution in all observed sectors
  • Contributor to fuel savings, increased electrical insulation and efficiency in buildings
  • Enabler of the renewable energy transition
Product Longevity
  • Significant contribution to a prolonged life-time of products for many of the observed applications
  • Silicone industry products withstand harsh external conditions, like extreme weather or high temperatures and therefore show high durability
Waste Reduction
  • Positive contributions to waste and material reduction in all observed sectors
  • The strong contribution to product longevity can also lead to a significant reduction of primary material demand
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