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Silicone Rubber for Molding
Silicone Degradation Infographic
Shin-Etsu LIMS Brochure 2023
RTV Silicone Rubber for Moldmaking
Hassle-free processing with Shin-Etsu’s easy transfer and releasable moldmaking silicones.
Shin-Etsu Formulation Design Toolkit for Vitamin C
2013 Sunscreen Symposium
Albright Technologies Presentation
Automotive LIMS Selector Guide
Self Lubricated LIMS; Self Lubricated LIMS (Low Volatile); Heat/Oil Resistant LIMS; Self Lubricated & Select Hesive LIMS (Low Volatile)
Inorganic UV Filter Stabilized by Novel Dispersant Poster
Inorganic UV filters such as TiO2 are increasingly being used in skin care and color cosmetics. These materials provide broad spectrum UV protection however, could suffer from instability in addition to visual and tactile deficiencies.
KF-6038 Breakthrough Emulsion Technology
LIMS (Liquid Injection Molding System) is a newly designed system, which includes a series of highly functional liquid silicone rubbers and an injection molding machine to precisely inject those fluids. From the set-up of raw materials to blending and molding, the entire process is automated to secure high quality products.
New Texture Creation with Body Melting Silicone Wax KF-7002
KF-7002 is a white, high purity, odorless organic compatible silicone wax. KF-7002 has good hydrolytic stability and designed to enhance the texture of cosmetic formulations including those for hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, sun screen, and personal cleansers.
Novel Approach to Cyclopentasiloxane Poster
Methyl Trimethicone (TMF-1.5) and Dimethicone (DM-Fluid A-6T) blends are simple yet novel alternative solutions to cyclopentasiloxane (D5).
Blurring Effects - Optimization with Hybrid Powders
Reactive & Non-Reactive Modified Silicone Fluid
With various organic groups attached to some of the silicon atoms, our modified silicone fluids offer the features of dimethyl silicone fluid, plus an array of other functions.
RTV Rubber for Electrical & Electronics
RTV Silicone Rubber making electrical and electronic equipment more reliable. Electronic devices and electrical modules are constantly evolving in performance and functionality while becoming smaller and more lightweight.
Shin-Etsu Silicones Presentation
Shin-Etsu Unique Materials
Shin-Etsu materials enable the personal care industry to develop products with greater functionality and diversity than ever before.
Sil-X-Shin Silicone Elastomers
Sil-X-Shin Silicone Elastomers - Specifically engineered for extruding tubing and profiles.
Silicone DM-FLUID Performance Results
DM-FLUID is a silicone fluid with a dimethylpolysiloxane structure. It is a synthetic oil which does not exist in nature. DM-FLUID is composed of organic methyl groups and inorganic siloxane bonds (Si-O-Si). Siloxane bonds also make up such highly heat-resistant materials as glass and quartz. DM-FLUID has numerous unique properties not found in conventional mineral oils or synthetic oils. Products are available in viscosities ranging from water-like, free-flowing fluids to syrup-like fluids.
Silicone Materials for LED Displays and Lighting
Shin-Etsu Silicones delivers a broad spectrum of products with a differentiated competitive advantage for LED Displays and Lighting. Manufacturers around the world rely on Shin-Etsu Silicones for leading-edge technologies to increase productivity and improve performance.
Silicone Products for Personal Care
Silicone Products for Personal Care. Shin-Etsu's unique materials L-series.
Silicone Products for Personal Care Specs
Dimethyl Silicone Fluids, Volatile Silicones, Methyl Phenyl Silicone Fluids, Amino Modified Silicones, Other Modified Silicone, Fluid Compounds, Dimethyl Silicone Blends, High Polymerization, Polyether Modified Silicones, Polyglycerin Modified Silicones, Silicone Gels, Silicone Acrylates, Trimethylsiloxysilicates, Silicone Powders, Powder Treatment Agents
Technical report for KEG2000 series
Features for KEG2000 series (compared with KE2000 series) The KE2000 series was developed as a fast cure version of the KE1950 series and has excellent properties for flashless and runnerless molding.. The KEG2000 series has the same excellent injection molding properties as the KE2000 series, along with improved handling and molding properties.
Unique Materials Plus
Shin-Etsu Silicone functional materials meet an increasingly diverse range of sophisticated customer needs, and hold the key to development of unique, high quality personal care products.
Arburg Presentation
Grease and Oil Compounds
General information about silicone-based greases and oil compounds with a focus on the Shin-Etsu thermal interface materials line of products.
TC-CA Series Products
Technical Information for the Shin-Etsu TC-CA series of soft pad Thermal Interface Materials Products.
Thermal Interface Silicone Rubber
General Information about how Shin-Etsu Silicones Thermal Interface Materials Products covering both function and application. (multi-lingual support)
Silicones for Paints and Coatings
We brought our technical expertise to bear in the field of coating agents and paints to develop a wide array of products.

Brochure contains many silicones, silanes, synthetic silicone powders, and performance silica particles for many applications.
Phase Change Materials
Technical Information for Shin-Etsu's Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials.
MMB-403 High Temp Masterbatch
Heat stabilization at 250C and 275C
Organosilicon Compounds For Organic Synthesis
Silicone Resins & Oligomers
A wide selection of surface reactive and organic reactive silicones. Cure catalysts are also included.
Silane Line Card
A variety of commercially available silane coupling agents and surface modifiers.
Silane Coupling Agents
Contains many commercially available silane coupling agents and a resin selectivity guide. Also includes silylating agents for organic synthesis and surface modification.
Liquid dispensed thermally conductive gap fillers
Non-ashesive Thermal Interface Materials - SDP Series
Two-component Room-temperature Addition-cure RTV Silicone Rubbers
Silicone Emulsions
Shin-Etsu Silicones has developed a line of silicone emulsions designed to be eco-friendly, safe, and easy to use, in order to meet the needs of industry in the modern age. With a diverse and extensive line of high quality products, Shin-Etsu is meeting the increasingly sophisticated needs of industrial users.
LED Coating SMP-5008 PGMEA
LED Coating SMP-5008 PGMEA-M1
LED Coating SMP-5008 PGMEA-M3
LED Encapsulating Gel FE-73
LED Encapsulating Gel FE-73-BK
LED Encapsulating Gel FE-78 A/B
LED Encapsulating Gel KER-2201
LED Encapsulating Gel KER-6201
LED Encapsulating Gel KER-6201-BK
LED Adhesive KER-3500-P2
LED Adhesive KER-6020-F
LED Adhesive KER-6020-F1
LED Adhesive KER-6020-F2
Silicone Defoaming Agents
Silicone defoaming agents are available in oil, solution, powder, and emulsion types. They all have a high defoaming effect when added in small amounts to all types of foaming liquids.
Shin-Etsu DM-Fluid Silicone Oils
Silicone fluids are generally colorless transparent liquids. They exhibit excellent resistance to heat, cold, and moisture. There is little viscosity change in silicone fluids over a wide temperature range, and they have outstanding electrical properties. In addition, they are notable for their characteristics of mold-releasability, water repellency, lubricity, and defoaming properties.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Brochure for pressure sensitive adhesives and adhesion modifiers.
New Products Guide
A list of new silicone resins, oligomers, blend-in materials, and silanes that can be used to functionalize your products.
Characteristic Properties of Silicone Rubber
Meeting the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of industry with the unique properties of silicone rubbers.
Silicone Textile Treatment Agents
Shin-Etsu offers a line of high performance silicone textile treatments to meet the needs of textile processors. These products can be used to improve product properties and as textile processing agents.
Test Certificates - LowDn LSR
KEG-2003H-30 to 70 A/B
UV Cure RTV Rubbers
RTV rubbers that can be cured solely through UV irradiation or through the combination of UV irradiation and addition or condensation cure mechanisms.
Release Coatings
Information and general specifications for Shin-Etsu's Silicone based released coatings.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Japanese Catalogue
Product Listings and specifications of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products from Japan.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Taiwan Catalogue
Product Listings and specifications for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products from Taiwan.
KE-2090 Thermoplastic Compatibility
General compatibility list for KE2090 based products. Updated May 2017.
LIMS Process Troubleshooting
General Guide for troubleshooting of LIMS processes. This is meant to be used as a reference only as everyone's specific environments will vary.
KE-1950 Series Data
Data for the KE1950 series of products with MDR curves.
KE-2004 Series Data
Data for the KE2004 series of products with MDR curves.
KE-2090 NPC Series Data
Data for the KE2090 NPC series of products with MDR curves.
KEG-2000 Series Data
Data for the KE2000 series of products with MDR curves.
KEG-2001 Series
Data for the KE2001 series of products with MDR curves.
KEG-2003H Series
Data for the KE2003H series of products with MDR curves.
TC-TA Series Thermal Pads
TC-TA thermal pads show high hardness and have a range of thermal conductivities.
SESA Safety Policy
The Official Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. Safety Policy. Safety First!
SESA Environmental Vision Statement
Our Statement for the Shin-Etsu Silicones of America's Vision for Environmental Responsibility.
D5 Alternative Gels
Employee Benefits
A brief overview of the Employee Benefits offered when working for Shin-Etsu Silicones.
TC-UP8 Highly Thermally Conductive Silicone Pad
Highly Functional Silicone for Automotive
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