Liquid Dispensed Gap Filler

Silicone Materials Loaded with Fillers

Shin-Etsu's Liquid Dispensed Gap Fillers are silicone materials loaded with fillers to provide high thermal conductivity while maintaining electrical isolation. They are used as Thermal Interface materials to fill gaps between components and heat sinks and are often used to replace pre-cured gap filling pads.

Because they are applied in liquid form, they produce less stress on the components during assembly. The material cures in place and remains a soft elastomer.

They can accommodate a larger range of gap thicknesses compared to a single thickness gap filling pad because the liquid can be applied in different thicknesses in adjacent areas to account for complicated interface topography. Often less material can be utilized compared to pads because material can be applied only where you need it.

They provide a natural tack between mating surfaces but do not create a structurally adhesive connection.

The gap fillers are provided as one or two part materials and are electrically isolating.

Product Specifications
TIM Liquid Dispensed Gap Filler

Our one part materials have the following curing options:

  • Addition cure - requiring heat to cure. Includes materials: G-781, X-23-8032 and X-23-8038.
  • Condensation cure - requiring humidity from the air to cure while generating a small amount of cure byproduct. Includes materials: G1000 and X-23-8005-5

Our two part materials are mixed with a 1 to 1 ratio with the following options:

  • Addition cure - cures at room temperature or it can be accelerated by heat. Includes materials SDP-2060-A/B, SDP-3540-A/B and SDP-5040-A/B
Soft pad
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