A Molding System for the Modern Age

LIMS™ (Liquid Injection Molding System) is a new type of molding system for the modern age. With it you can achieve significant cost reductions, thanks to reduced molding time, improved yield and greater production efficiency.

Fine liquid silicone is metered precisely and consistently by special molding equipment. After the loading of two liquid components (A & B) into the molding machine, all steps proceed automatically, from mixing to molding. The molding process is simpler and takes less time, making it easy to produce high quality molded products. And the many fine properties of liquid silicone rubbers make this system ideal for electronic, automotive and food product applications LIMS is highly economical because it helps improve productivity and reduce labor costs.

  • Excellent Material Properties - These silicones have excellent heat resistance, high strength and flame retardancy. Some are electrical insulators, while others are conductors. Our transparent products can be used as is or can be colored easily. Our silicone materials are ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Reduced Molding Time - Addition-cure liquid silicone is used, so cure time is short. The molding process can take less time.
  • Improved Productivity - The system uses liquid materials, so molding can be done at low injection pressures and it is suitable for molding high-precision components. The two liquid components are mixed precisely and contaminates are kept out, resulting in high quality molds and greater efficiency.
  • Automated Molding LIMS - can be used for flashless, runnerless molding. After curing, molded items eject easily, so the molding process can be automated. Continuous automated molding with short cycle times is also possible.
  • More Eco-Friendly Molding - No by-products are produced in the curing process. Flashless, runnerless molding eliminates the need for the disposal of waste material, so the manufacturing process is gentler to the environment.
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