Resistant to Heat, Cold, and Weather

Heat-cure Rubber is known as HCR (High Consistency Rubber) or HTV (High Temp Vulcanizing). HCR's not only have an excellent resistance to heat, cold and weather; they also have outstanding properties of the type that define rubbers, such as resilience and recovery after compression or elongation. HCR's also have excellent electrical properties. HCR's, when properly catalyzed, can be used in a variety of applications requiring finishing by molding, extrusion or calendaring.

No Post Cure Compunds

  • General Purpose Compounds - Tensile strengths and tear strengths of these materials are generally better than those of No Post Cure bases. For some applications a post cure may be required to optimize physical properties.
  • High Strength Compound - This product has a tear strength of greater than 150 ppi. Tensile strength, flex resistance and abrasion resistance of this class of material is generally better than that of other classes, while heat resistance is somewhat lower.
  • Low Temperature Compound - This product has a low temperature brittle point in the range of -116°C (-178°F) compared to low temperature brittle point of -73°C (-100°F) for general purpose silicones.
  • Wire and Cable Compound - This product is specifically compounded for applications such as motor lead wire and automotive ignition cable jacketing. Most of the products in this class have high volume resistivities (3 1015W-cm) and/or dielectric strengths. Some have extremely good heat resistance with UL® ratings for long term service at 210-260°C.
  • Electrically Conductive Compound - These products are characterized by volume resistivities in the range of 3x10-3 to 106 W-cm.
  • Addition Cured Compound - This product uses a platinum cure system instead of a peroxide system. They are characterized by exceptionally high tear strength and tight surface cure. Often used in applications where peroxide catalyst by-products are objectionable. Each compound is supplied as an A/B compound which requires mixing of the A and B components in a 1:1 ratio before curing.
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