Two Component RTV

Rapid curing with deep-curing characteristics

Two-component RTV rubber is separated into a primary agent (base resin) and a curing agent. The curing begins when the two are blended in the prescribed amounts. To some extent, the workable time can be controlled by changing the type and/or amount of the curing agent, or by adjusting the temperature.

Room-temperature / Condensation curing type

  • Advantages: Can be used in areas which cannot be heated
  • Disadvantages: Complete curing time is longer than that of addition types.

Room-temperature / Addition curing type

  • Advantages: Deep-curing characteristics. Can also be heat-cured.
  • Disadvantages: Vulnerable to curing inhibitions.

Heat / Addition curing type

  • Advantages: Rapid curing with deep-curing characteristics.
  • Disadvantages: Vulnerable to curing inhibitions.
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