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Expanding the Possibilities of Development of Cosmetic Products

With distinctive emulsifiers, Shin-Etsu is expanding the possibilities of development for a wide range of cosmetic products. The two main classes of emulsifiers are polyether-modified silicones and polyglycerin-modified silicones. Polyether-modified silicones include linear types, branched types and cross-polymer types. Shin-Etsu also offers distinctive alkyl co-modified emulsifiers. Applying these products enables the development of diverse cosmetic formulations

Polyether-Modified Silicones

  • Linear Type - We offer numerous polyether-modified silicone emulsifiers with varying HLB values, meaning these products can be used with either S/W or W/S emulsifiers. KF-6026 is a W/O emulsifier that is co-modified with alkyl chains.
  • Branched Type - The silicone component has a branched structure, providing unique solubility, superior to that of linear structures.

These emulsifiers enable the creation of distinctive products in terms of viscosity and stability of these emulsions. KF-6038 has good solubility in both silicone fluid and organic oils. Cross-Polymer Type Shin-Etsu's KSG-210 swells in silicone fluid and the products in our KSG-300 series swell in organic oils. Minute cross-linked particles orient at the interface with water and swell in oil to form a network. This makes it possible to create highly stable W/S (W/O) emulsions.

Polyglycerin-Modified Silicones

  • Branched Type - These silicone emulsifiers feature polyglycerin as the hydrophilic component. These emulsifiers hold moisture well, so emulsions agree with skin and impart a distinctly soft and moist feel. KF-6106 is a W/O emulsifier that is co-modified with alkyl chains.
  • Cross-Polymer Type - Our KSG-710 swells in silicone fluid and the products in our KSG-800 series swell in organic oils. These products enable the creation of highly stable W/S (W/O) emulsions.They offer superior moisture retension, meaning emulsions agree with skin and have a soft and moist feel.

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