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2013 Sunscreen Symposium

2013 Sunscreen Symposium Poster FINAL.pdf
Albright Technologies Presentation

Albright-Shinetsu Presentation.pdf
Arburg Presentation

ShinEtsu_open house_alt.pdf
Automotive LIMS Selector Guide

Self Lubricated LIMS; Self Lubricated LIMS (Low Volatile); Heat/Oil Resistant LIMS; Self Lubricated & Select Hesive LIMS (Low Volatile)

Shin-Etsu Automotive LIMS Selector Guide - 2007.pdf
Blurring Effects - Optimization with Hybrid Powders

2014 Blurring Effects Poster.pdf
Comprehensive Data Guide

Comprehensive Data Guide 2014.pdf
Inorganic UV Filter Stabilized by Novel Dispersant Poster

Inorganic UV filters such as TiO2 are increasingly being used in skin care and color cosmetics. These materials provide broad spectrum UV protection however, could suffer from instability in addition to visual and tactile deficiencies.

scc 2007 uspd.pdf
KF-6038 Breakthrough Emulsion Technology

Handout brochure for KF-6038.

KF-6038 handout 20040622.pdf
LIMS Liquid Injection Molding System

LIMS (Liquid Injection Molding System) is a newly designed system, which includes a series of highly functional liquid silicone rubbers and an injection molding machine to precisely inject those fluids. From the set-up of raw materials to blending and molding, the entire process is automated to secure high quality products. Because the raw materials are liquid silicone rubbers, which exhibit excellent properties, they meet a wide range of requirements in the electrical, electronic, automotive and food industries.

Shin-Etsu LIMS Guide 2014.pdf
LIMS Product Selection Guide

Table of LIMS product data.

Shin-Etsu LIMS Product Selector 2010.pdf

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